Snorkeling in the Bahamas!

Following the course of the previous post, below there are 5 of the most prominent places for snorkeling in the Bahamas. Of course there exist more places if you want to continue exploring this vast and incredible island, but here I provide a little guide for those interested in diving and seeking the aquatic life.


New Providence and Paradise Islands

Easy to explore and one of the most acclaimed places for tourists, most people head for the Rose Island Reefs, the Gambier Deep Reef, the Booby Rock Channel and the Goulding Reef Cays where snorkeling is very popular.

Grand Bahama Island

The clear waters around Grand Bahama are excellent for snorkeling because they have a rich aquatic life. Snorkelers are fond of exploring Ben’s Cave, an amazing cavern that’s part of Lucayan Caves, as well as the coral beds at places like Silver Point Reef and Gold Rock.


Fulfill  with the black-coral gardens that are easily accessible for  snorkelers from shore and the colorful marine life around the island, when conditions are right, snorkelers can crossed with a pod of spotted dolphins. Off North Bimini, snorkelers are attracted to a cluster of huge flat rocks that lie submerged near the coast. Some of the imaginative snorkelers claim that these rocks were part of a road system that once traversed the lost continent of Atlantis.

Elbow Cay (Abacos)

With its 209km (130-mile) string of beautiful cays and some of the best beaches in The Bahamas, the Abacos are ideal for snorkeling, especially in the waters off Elbow Cay. Marsh Harbour’s Mermaid Beach, a particularly colorful reef, is another favorite.

Stocking Island (Exumas)

George Town is the capital of the Exumas. From George Town, Stocking Island lies across Elizabeth Harbour. This is a long thin barrier island that attracts snorkelers who explore its blue holes. The island is also ringed with undersea caves and coral gardens in impressive colors.

For extended information and more places to be discovered check Frommers site.


Best Beaches to visit in the Bahamas

The Bahamas. One of the most preferred places by tourists from all over the world. Wondering why? First of all the weather, secondly the temperature of the water and the attractive turquoise color by which the Caribbean Sea is characterized and third the natural attractions and activities (for day and night) in general.


Although the Bahamas are popular islands to visit, the are a lot of beaches to wander in every corner, creating the feeling that they are usually empty making you feel as if you are visiting different private beaches.

The best known beaches are Paradise Island and New Providence but there are more beaches to visit worthwhile such as Cabbage Beach, Xanadu Beach, etc.

If you click on this page you will find a description of each beach. In this opportunity what you will get from me is a simply show of photographs of the hallucinating beaches, allowing your imagination to transport you through your eyes to one of the most beautiful places in America.


Note that, if you like yachts as much as I do and prefer to sleep offshore rather in a Resort, my friends from Ritzy Charters rent amazing different types of boats in the Bahamas. I hope I receive soon an offer for a yacht to share with you. Imagine spending your stay aboard, enjoying the warm sun during the day and the light of the full moon during the night in the middle of the sea…truly attractive!


BVI Honeymoon – Choose This Love Yacht Charter For An Unforgettable Passion Getaway!

I’ve already passed information about getting married at sea. Then I provided detailed information about everything you need to know about getting married in the BVI’s. But how could I forget about newlyweds or future newlyweds who are looking for a destination for their honeymoon!?

Taking advantage of this wave of proposals for lovers I’m posting lately, here I share a plan for an unforgettable honeymoon aboard an excellent yacht ready to welcome those celebrating their love!

Pas de Deux Anchor

Best Honeymoon Package & Romantic Vacation Deal

Honeymoon Special: $17,900 for 2 including: Private transfer to Yacht. Flowers on arrival. Romantic sunset dinner ashore at restaurant of choice one evening. A case of bubbly. Couples massage at one of the BVI’s luxury spas. 7 night minimum stay. This offer excludes Christmas or New Year’s holiday period.

Click PAS DE DEUX for more information and photos about this yacht.


BVI Weddings – Everything You Need To Know

After the good reviews the wedding post had about getting married sailing in the sea, I decided to look for more information about it for those who might be really interested.
I take this opportunity to tell you that I published this proposal not only in the blog but also on my Facebook and it was amazing the amount of people that reached the message. This is the reason why I decided to write more about it in detail, so you can take note of everything you need to know to conduct a wedding in the BVI sailing or anywhere else in the island!


The first thing you need to do is register at the Registrar-General’s Office between 9.00 am and 3.30 pm from Monday to Friday. You need to inform date and time you wish to be married, full names as you wish them to appear on the marriage license, location of where the ceremony will take place, your occupations and names of two witnesses. At the Registrar-General’s Office you will pay for the wedding stamps. These stamps are used as revenue fees at the Attorney General’s Chambers. The fees you will be paying vary depending on the time you will stay in the Territory. For example: if you stay between 3 to 14 days you will be paying $440. If you stay over 15 days you will pay $340. You are also required to pay the wedding fee at the Registrar-General’s Office and the cost of it is $120 if the wedding is performed in the office. If you decide to get married somewhere else, plus travel expenses. 

It is important to know that if you plan to be married in a church, you must make arrangements with the Minister in advance and publish banns for three consecutive Sundays or Saturdays in a church. Normally, there is an additional fee required, so be sure to check with the Minister in advance.

The second thing you need to know is that after purchasing the stamps you must take them to the Attorney General’s Chambers where you will complete a form and present your passports as identification. Remember, approval of your request will take three working days to be processed before the ceremony so perform the procedures with sufficient time.

Proof marital status/previous marriage is required. The divorce decree or death certificate must be a certified copy and must show names as they are shown on your identification. For those who are impressed with blood, no blood test required. 


Get Married sailing in the Sea!

Sharing this great deal for future uncommon weddings! Interesting proposal for those who want to celebrate in an original way!



  • Sleeps 6 guests in 3 Cabins
  • 56.0 Ft Catamaran
  • Year: 2001
  • Number of Crew: 2
VICTORIA (CAT) | Ritzy Charters


Destination: Virgin Islands (USVI + BVI)

Embarking / Disembarking: St. Thomas

Sailing Catamaran VICTORIA – BVI Wedding Special at no extra charge!


Private taxi to and from the yacht marina – Wedding ceremony – Captain Wayne, officiating in vintage ceremonial regalia – Wedding cake – Wedding lobster dinner – Wedding photos – A bottle of champagne – A couples massage at Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda.

Ask your questions! This deal had many repercussions between engaged couples. If you are one, don’t miss the chance!

Yacht Charter – Full Guide Of Everything You Need To Know

If you are thinking about making a trip and do not want to go for the typical plan, here I offer a full guide of everything you need to know with numerous proposals to show you why a yacht charter is an excellent choice for your next holidays.

First, you should know that you can rent a yacht anywhere in the world and sail from one point to another, traveling and stopping over at incredible places and islands of your choice, as long as every destination has access to the sea.


Nowadays, renting a yacht is almost as easy as booking a hotel online, with some extra details that will be solved by the simply way of getting in touch with the corresponding boat rentals agencies. There are lots of things to consider while organizing this kind of trips, but I can assure you that is entertaining and even funny.

Coming up next, I created a list of ideas and suggestions for booking a yacht charter that may be useful for you while considering this an option for your next vacations.

  1. Where would you like to go?

Do you want to go sailing around the Caribbean Sea and navigate through the warm turquoise waters or somewhere between Southern Europe and North Africa, such as the fascinating Mediterranean Sea? Do you want to sail for a few days, a week or a month? How many guests will be traveling with you? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before in order to narrow the gap and find exactly what you are looking for.

  1. When do you want to go?

The sooner you make the reservation, a better deal you will be given. Also with the proper assistance of the boat rentals agents, the choice and the reservations of a yacht charter is much easier for everything to be perfect, so is good to assign time to creating the itinerary for the trip, especially when it is the first time that you opt for this type of travel.

  1. How is the weather like?

The safest way to choose the best time is to avoid hurricane seasons, especially when a tour will be made around the Caribbean Sea. Some agents recommend hiring an insurance in order to be protected of any situation that may arise.

  1. Which is your range budget?

After selecting the destination and the number of people on board, it’s time to define what type of yacht are you looking for (motor boats, catamarans, monohulls, motor sailers) what kind of amenities you need (all inclusive or plus expenses) and your range budget.

  1. Is airfare going to be a needed?

Once defined the destination, start searching in parallel the most important ports and airports in the area. If needed, it is important to buy the airplane tickets with time and know exactly which ones will be the embarkation and disembarkation ports to not meet up with any surprises at the very last moment.

  1. Water Sports and Activities.

When choosing the yacht, let the boat rental agent know which kind of water activities you would like to do. Today, most of the yachts have equipment for water sports like snorkeling, scuba, paddle and kayak, but it is worthwhile to ask.

  1. What does All Inclusive and Plus Expenses mean?

All included consist of yacht supplies, cleaning service for all guests, food and drinks. A few days before embarking, the crew on board and the captain will be contacting you, so you can let them know the list of preferences of beverages and meals for the different moments of the day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) throughout your stay.

Plus expenses means that beverages and meals are not included and must be paid separately.

  1. Will a captain and crew be on board at all time?

If you choose the all inclusive option there will be a captain and the crew on board at all time. But if you choose the plus expenses option, you can ask for the captain only and help with the cleaning, cooking and activities onboard. Remember that the captain is fully responsable for anything happening in the boat. In some cases, some of the yachts offer the option of including a hostess in order to assist the captain. This depends upon the season and the number of guests.


Well, this might help you clear most of the first doubts that may appear while thinking of taking into consideration a yacht charter. My advice is do not hesitate to contact any boat rental agency and have a look at the various proposals. It is an excellent opportunity to see the world from another point of view and enjoy more outdoor activities.




Take 10% OFF any booking of 6 nights for a yacht charter for 10 guests!

I love receiving these proposals! Although perhaps is not the time for you to travel, you must not stop dreaming. That is why newsletters are always welcome! You never know when an interesting proposal will emerge, so you better be attentive. Who knows, maybe you might finish tempted with the idea and within a week you find yourself navigating the calm and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by your loved ones. Hopefully!

amazing blues

Returning to the proposal received, with accommodations for 10 guests in 5 cabins, this great deal offers you the chance of taking a trip with an amazing group of friends, maybe couple friends or if you have a big family, just a family trip!


Below, I share the information received. It may be useful for you or someone you know who may be interested in taking this recommendation so please share.

The AMAZING BLUES is a luxury catamaran that offers 5 cabins with 4 queen beds and 1 twin cabin accommodating up to 10 guests. It is fully equipped with indoor entertainment and the most important stuff, the water entertainment such as dinghy, jet skis, gear snorkel, tube, swim platform, fishing gear, boarding ladder and much more.

With the Embarking and Disembarking at Village Cay in Tortola, this BVI yacht charter built on 2015, comes with all the necessary facilities to spend an amazing and relaxing week, with two friendly crew willing to serve you as if you were staying at a five star all inclusive hotel. Impossible of getting bored!


In my advice, the best programs are those that arise naturally, so take a look at the yacht charter company website and feel free to ask for more specific information about the AMAZING BLUES.

What You Need To Know About Fishing in the BVI

There are certain rules to follow and permissions required while fishing in the Virgin Islands so in order to to enjoy fishing, specially if you are chartering a boat and you want to avoid any problems, here I provide you some of the necessary information you need to know about fishing in the BVI.


The most important thing you should know is that fishing in the BVI is allowed with a Fishing License that you must apply for before your trip. It is not difficult to get, but the Government of the BVI Island takes time to grant it, so try to request for it with time.

You are not allowed to remove any marine organism from BVI waters without this leisure-fishing consent, except for persons under the age of 18. If you are trapped fishing without an authorization, there will be heavy fines and confiscation of your fishing equipment and your yacht. Keep this in mind, especially when boats are rented. It is necessary to communicate your interested in fishing to your boat rental agent so they can provide you with helpful information.

The licenses granted are for one person, so if there are more people in the boat interested in fishing they must fill out the form. Each license will be valid for one month and cost $45.

On the island there are few shops of fishing, but for example Last Stop Sports has a huge variety of products that can make your stay very comfortable. You will be able to find diversity of hooks, leaders, and stuff for toothy critters and different packages for whatever you consider necessary. In Last Stop Sports, they can also help you get the Fishing License. It has an additional cost, but at least you ensure that you get the correct license through people with experience in the subject, who may advise you, better than anyone else! If not, you can contact The Conservation and Fisheries Department in Road Town.

Take into account that, it is desirable not to eat most fishes that move around, especially the ones that are near the land due to the toxin ciguatera (fish poisoning). Do not ever eat any type of jack or barracuda, no matter where they are caught. The only fishes that are legitimate to eat are the ones caught outside the islands, but in the BVI fishing awarded only for catch and release.

Another thing to keep in mind is that SPEARFISHING is NOT allowed in The Virgin Islands. Catching or removing coral or any aquatic animal is against the law. It is illegal to spear fish for lobsters and use or possess spear fishing equipment all over the National Park foundries.


This is a recommendation provided by Ritzy Charters to take into account to avoid any kind of inconvenience while fishing in the BVI.

BVI 34th Annual Charter Yacht Show

All who love boats or rather everyone who works with boats know very well that the most important week to get in touch with people we are interested to see again or meet is at the boat show. This year the BVI 34th Annual Charter Yacht Show will take place at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina from Monday November 9th to Thursday November 12th.

This show brings together lots of important people of the yacht business from around the world, including yacht brokers, captains and crews with their yachts that will be exposed for people to visit, get new deals and market introduction for new yachts and proposals.

The boat visits occur during the day, while at night social events arise where new people meet and new businesses are closed. The re-inauguration of the annual boat show is the big opening for a new yacht charter season and nobody wants to miss it!

If you’re just a spectator and you’re hoping someone will tell what have they seen during this week, do not worry because there will be a lot of media ready to write everything they see around and I, personally will have an exclusive post for you!


Celebrating Thanksgiving in a BVI Yacht Charter

Thanksgiving approaches. Blessed with two holidays this year (Thursday 26th & Friday 27th) they begin to emerge proposals for November’s long weekend. Nowadays, in the northern hemisphere the days are longer and colder so, why not give us a last official heat stroke to dismiss summer and welcome winter!

For this occasion I will mention an interesting deal the BVI yacht charter Ritzy Charter is offering and to add more fun to the subject, I will also provide you different alternatives seaside to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This BVI yacht charter named Viking Dream is offering a discount of $1,500 on any 7 night yacht charter for Thanksgiving’s week. Imagine yourself arriving to the amazing BVI on Sunday, 22nd and staying till Saturday, 28th in a colorful yacht with accommodations for 6 guests in 3 confortable cabins. An ideal moment and place to enjoy with your couple, friends or family and delight the turquoise water and white sand that gives us this beautiful island.


There are also some activities ashore to enjoy this week. For example, the day before Thanksgiving the island celebrates the Full Beaver Moon at Trellis Bay where they will have a full moon party with all the island residents, sailors and tourists and every Friday nights, Leverick Bay does a pig roast on the beach! On Thursday night (Thanksgiving) if you like you have the possibility of having a delicious turkey dinner at Foxy’s, Chez Bamboo or The Wonky DogBut as Kenneth Grahame quotes in his book The Wind in the Willows “There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”  So in my opinion, don’t miss preparing the turkey on board and enjoying dinner under the moonlight, staring from a distance the lights of the island watching people celebrate and the sky brightened up by magnificent fireworks. The opportunity to live this experience is not always given, so take advantage of it!


For more information about the BVI yacht charter click HERE and send your inquiries or just take a look at the yacht!